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Awaken the Inner Goddess in You

Signature Program

As the world is transforming, so is a woman’s consciousness.

We are more than just a “pillar” that holds a family together. We are a whole castle of our own now.

And it’s not an easy play to keep that castle standing tall. I know how it feels because mine was set on fire from the ground up once upon a time.

But life’s what you make it.

I cried for help and got mindful practices like Yoga, QHTT, IQH, Amazonian flower essences, and what not in return. Not only did my dreams turn into reality but I also removed my old beliefs on a lot of things.

I learned that we as women often fall for the gaslighting that the world has subjected us to.

Are you a working mother?
Money minded!

Earn more than your husband?

Can't fit into that dress?

Speak your mind?
Too loud for a woman!

Let's face it! We have been mentally wired to look at ourselves from the lens of these unrealistic standards so much that our subconscious mind has turned numb. It is dead asleep. And it's OUR duty to wake it up!

We are special!

Mindfulness taught me to look beyond to finally SEE what a beautiful creature woman is. God's favorite. He picked us to give life to His creation inside our womb. Forget the stars, He put us equals with the Moon – giving both of us the monthly cycles.

This strong realization gave me an even stronger push and I made it my purpose to empower others – one strong woman at a time. I traveled to Brazil and Mexico to learn from wise, native elders, Grandmothers, recognized in their communities and internationally as great teachers, and also studied Universal Shamanism in São Paulo, Brazil. After working so much with amazing people at amazing places I created this life-changing thing called Awaken the Inner Goddess in You Mentorship program.

My dream is to create a safe space for women. Strong but lost. Only to make them realize their true worth and not believe what the world is telling them to.

Listen to me...

No, you're not the mistakes you made in the past

No, you're not the cause of your broken relationships

No, you're not the villain of anybody's life

You are much more than that. And this mentorship is your chance to immerse in the self for seven long weeks and CLAIM YOUR WORTH!

The classes and exercises I have designed for you inside this program are made by keeping in mind all the care, love, and compassion that I needed when I was in your place.

Yoga Philosophy, Shamanic knowledge, Mindfulness, Energy work, Illuminated Quantum Healing, Amazonian flower essences, Sacred feminine – I have poured everything I have to serve my purpose.

Packages Include

  • Illuminated Quantum Healing sessions
  • Personalized Formula of Flower Essences Session
  • Yoga Classes and Yoga Philosophy
  • Integration meetings

$2222 (Payment plan available)

A personalized combination of all services in which Ana will craft a plan to dig deeper into the subconscious mind. Together we will explore and unfold patterns that are holding you back from manifesting your greatest potential and purpose as a spiritual being having this physical experience. The minimum length of the mentorship is 12 meetings, to be fully complete in a period of 4 months. Each meeting consists of a 90 minute session. If need be a 16 meeting package is available which is fully completed in 5 months.