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Illuminated Quantum Healing

Illuminated Quantum Healing is an alchemical method of transformation and awakening that incorporates energy healing, meditative practices, and hypnosis skills to activate instantaneous multidimensional healing through a client’s connection to their Higher Self. as defined by the new earth ascending.org website.

Just how you wake from a sweet dream, reality hit me in 2016.

My marriage “made in heaven” fell apart…

A decade of vows and commitment suddenly shattered into pieces right before my eyes. It was like a flower I had watered and nurtured with love and emotions for 10 long years that had suddenly withered away. Self-doubt and guilt attached to a broken marriage surrounded me.

Does it make me less of a woman?

The messed-up value systems of our society made me believe so. After all, you are a disgrace to the family, especially if you’re a woman, when you “fail” in your marriage. I could feel a lump of pain choking me in the throat while accepting the harsh truth of my life. The end of my marriage was the death of me as I knew.

My breaking point led me to my breakthrough moment

As someone who has always believed in spirituality, I knew that I was more than my mind, body, and present. It marked the start of my quest to seek answers. I came across many healers and one of them was Dolores Cannon who helped me establish a spiritual connection with myself. I would spend hours watching her speak about her fascinating findings through her practice of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHTT).

It unlocked the sanctuary of wisdom residing right inside my own self. All through its powerful technique that allows the subject to get in a state of trance and find answers from a deeper level of consciousness. I redeemed the power inside me to break free of all those old beliefs that no longer were in alignment with myself. I started to accept myself and love my identity once again and it wouldn't have been possible without QHTT that gave me the key to my subconscious mind.

On experiencing such bliss in this process of self-healing, I realised that this was not enough. I wanted to be a certified therapist myself! I wanted to share this with all my brothers and sisters who were going through something similar.



A deposit of $111 is required when booking the appointment. Remaining balance is due upon the completion of the session.

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Illuminated Quantum Healing

  • Health Issues, including ones that you have accepted as hereditary or "for life."
  • Purpose and Path
  • Relationship Questions
  • Career/Employment
  • Guidance on life decisions
  • Self Defeating, Self-sabotage Patterns
  • Dream explanations
  • Connection with Higher Realms/Higher Self/Guides/Star Family
  • Closure with loved ones who have passed on
  • Strange events, time missing
  • Phobias or fears
  • Ascension and New Earth questions, personal and collective

The first stage of the session is about setting intentions and building a connection between the Practitioner and the Client. The Practitioner guides the client through questions about their physical, mental, and emotional health to understand where healing is needed. The Client is asked to share their Life Story to understand the core dynamics set up in early life and the patterns and events that occurred that brought them to this stage in their life. The client is invited to share from a place of honesty and transparency, revealing any hidden shame, judgment, and fear. Many times, this part of the process is just as important as the Journey, and Work With The Higher Self as many clients feel safe to share about their life experience in a safe and compassionate container held by the Practitioner.

Clients are guided into a relaxed and focused state through meditative and hypnotic methods to uncover information from the subconscious mind. The subconscious communicated through images and feelings. The Higher Self brings forth scenes and experiences from the subconscious that are the most appropriate and beneficial for the client's healing and expansion. You are never shown anything that will harm you in any way. Often this is experiences from the past and past lives. Although, some clients experience future timelines, experiences in the Spiritual Realms, or other imagery that holds keys and information for healing and expanding one's consciousness.

Once the client is deep in trance, we ask to speak with the Higher Self. Channeling the Higher Self feels like being connected to the most powerful and loving version of yourself. The Higher Self is connected to all knowledge, yet only shares what is appropriate and necessary for the client's evolution. The Practitioner interviews the Higher Self to get more information as to why certain scenes were shown and how it can help the client. The Higher Self is asked to do a body scan and healing on the body. The Higher Self explains the cause of the imbalance and what is need to do or understand for complete healing. If appropriate, the Higher Self will perform instantaneous multidimensional healing. After the healing, the Practitioner asks any remaining questions. Once the session has reached completion, the client is gently guided back into full awareness.

Every client is in various levels of awareness throughout the Journey and Work with the Higher Self. Some clients feel that they were present for the whole session or parts of the experience. While others feel that they were asleep for the whole experience. During the Integration Chat, we will have an overview of the information received during the session and talk about how to integrate this new information into your life with grace and ease.

Each Practitioner has unique options to continue on the healing and awakening path with the client. There is great benefit in having multiple IQH sessions and continued guidance along the path of awakening.

Each session is completed with a final prayer and mediation to anchor in the new information and to send gratitude for the opportunity to awaken and heal together.